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Penn Machine is announcing a new list price schedule for Forged Steel Outlets in A105 carbon steel. The new list prices will go into effect on May 2, 2022.

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Western Forge & Flange, LLC

Western Forge & Flange Logo Western Forge & Flange in Cleveland, TX

687 County Road 2201, Cleveland, TX 77327   •   Phone: (800) 352-6433   •   Fax: (281) 727-7060

PW Forgings Holding Co.

Pennsylvania Machine Works LLC and Western Forge & Flange LLC – Wynnchurch Capital Companies

In January of 2020 Pennsylvania Machine Works LLC announced that we had become a Wynnchurch Capital Company. In April of 2020 Wynnchurch Capital acquired Western Forge & Flange – a premier special alloy domestic flange and ring manufacturer in Cleveland, Texas. Both Pennsylvania Machine Works LLC and Western Forge & Flange LLC operate under one platform – PW Forgings Holding Co. – A Wynnchurch Capital Company. Penn Machine and Western Forge & Flange are here to serve all your forged steel fittings, branch connection, specialty flanges and rings. For more information about Western Forge & Flange, visit their website:


Flanges    Learn More

• Weld Neck
• Long Weld Neck
• Slip-On
• Blind
• Socket Weld
• Threaded
• Lap Joint
• Stub End
• Studding Outlet
• Orifice Set

Custom Forgings    Learn More

• Rings
• Bars
• Discs
• Blocks
• Large-Diameter Forgings

Material Grades   Learn More

An inventory of more than 80 alloys is available, including:

• Stainless
• Duplex
• Nickel
• Super Alloys
• Copper Nickel
• Aluminum
• Titanium
• Super Duplex
• Chrome - Moly